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Redfern Brand

A Redfern Brand was launched on 5th February 2011 by the NSW Premier Kristina Keneally and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore. The brand had been developed by Frost for the Roll Up Redfern Group made up of the City of Sydney Council, The Redfern Waterloo Authority, The South Sydney Business Chamber (formally Redfern Waterloo Chamber of Commerce), REDWatch and South Sydney Rabbitohs. While REDWatch has concerns about the Brand engagement process, REDWatch has collected material about the Brand and the process used to develop it so it is readily available to the community.
REDWatch involvement with Redfern Brand
REDWatch is a member of the Roll Up Redfern Group which as one of its activities has developed the Redfern Brand. While REDWatch is a member of Roll Up Redfern, REDWatch has deferred use of the Redfern Brand on this website and elsewhere until there is greater community understanding of the need for the brand and community support for the new brand. This may happen as the result of a communications strategy which is being developed. REDWatch has argued unsuccessfully for much greater community involvement in the development of the brand and in testing the results within the community before the brand was adopted. Some of REDWatch's concerns were expressed in an email to the Roll Up Redfern Group on 7 July 2010. An excerpt of the email is provided below. For balance we have also supplied an extract of the RWA response. The community statement requested in the email was never produced. We provide this explanation in response to a number of questions and expressions of concern about REDWatch's association with the Brand project.
File Shaping the future of Redfern
On 20 July 2010 the Roll Up Redfern group released a media statement about Roll Up Redfern and the Redfern Brand. This is a copy of that media statement. File is 36 Kb PDF.
File Frost Presentation on Brand Development
This is a presentation given by design company Frost on 27 July 2010 to a group of local people who had previously met with Frost to help identify some of the characteristics of the local area. This was after the desk research and meetings with local people and after the survey of 300 people within a 10km radius. All this fed into Frost’s identification of the brand values and the core brand idea of Welcoming Spirit before they developed the Redfern smile logo. We have made this presentation available as it shows the process that Frost went through to identify the underlying brand values. File is 1.1Mb PDF.
File Redfern Brand Study Report
As part of the development of the brand it was important to understand people's perception of the Redfern area. Environmetrics carried out a survey of 300 people living within 10km of Redfern this is their report on the findings back to Frost and the Roll Up Redfern committee. At the session to introduce the Redfern Brand to business and the community it was announced that this document was available for those interested. We have added it here so this research it is easily accessible. File is 460 Kb PDF.
Capturing Redfern with a Smile
The Premier and Minister for Redfern and Waterloo, the Hon Kristina Keneally, and the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, announced the exciting launch of the Redfern brand on Saturday, 5 February at the Return to Redfern event reports this media release from the Roll Up Redfern Group on 8 Fenruary 2011.
The Redfern Brand Presentation for Businesses and Community Organisations - 5.30 for 6pm Feb 10, 2011 from 05:00 AM to 07:00 AM Redfern Town Hall 93 Pitt St, Redfern,
The Roll Up Redfern Group, is hosting an evening for local businesses and community, to introduce the exciting new Redfern Brand, on Wednesday 9 February 2011 from 6.00 pm at the Redfern Town Hall. Refreshments will be served and it will be an ideal opportunity to meet a wide range of people from the community.
File Redfern Identity Guidelines Summary
Attached is a summary of the Redfern Identity Guidelines for standard applications of the identity. File is 223 Kb PDF.
File Brand Identity Guidelines
These the full brand Identity Guidelines (or Style Manual) for the use of the Redfern Brand by the Community. The Guidelines cover: What is a Brand? / our Brand / the Primary Logo / the secondary Logo / Isolation Zones / Positioning Rules / Incorrect Usage / Co-Branding / Primary typeface / system typeface / Photography / sample Applications. File is 1.3MB PDF.
File Using the Redfern brand
This flyer provides examples of how the Redfern Brand might be used and explains what the brand is and why and how it might be used. File is 688 KB PDF.
File Redfern Brand 100dpi logos
To enable easy access for those wishing to use the logos we have produced 100 dpi versions of the four logo's at a width of 640 pixels and placed them in a MS Word document. Higher Resolution RBG and CMYK jpg and eps logos are available from City of Sydney Councils Business and Community Development Coordinator – contact Elizabeth Waser on 9265 9850. File is 82KB MS Word .
File Redfern Precinct Business Study
In 2008 the City of Sydney engaged Environmetrics to undertake a study of the Redfern Business Precinct. This is the final report from that study. Concern about Council proposing to note the study rather than follow up the issues lead to pressure on Council to address some of the issues raised. The Roll Up Redfern Group (Council, RWA, Chamber of Commerce, REDWatch and Souths Football Club) and a precinct council staff person were two of the outcomes from the study. File is 2MB PDF.
‘Smile, You’re in Redfern’ photo competition
The Smile, You’re in Redfern! photo competition has been launched with $1600 worth of prizes up for grabs. The aim of the photo competition is to showcase Redfern‟s creative, business and cultural opportunities and to promote Redfern to the wider community reports this media release from Roll Up Redfern on 21 November 2011.