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City of Sydney involvement in Waterloo

The City of Sydney was vocal in 2016 about the densities proposed for the redevelopment of the Waterloo Estate and surrounding areas. They have supported groups during the masterplanning process as well as having Council staff involved in the Department of Planning Process. With the public release of the masterplans for Waterloo Metro and Waterloo Estate Council again raised their concerns. Here is some of the statements and decisions of City of Sydney Council regarding Waterloo.
Mayoral Minute and Council Resolution of 11 Feb 2019 covering Waterloo Redevelopment
At the City of Sydney Council Meeting on 11 February 2019, Lord Mayor Clover Moore moved a mayoral minute dealing with "The Devastating Impacts of State Planning on the City of Sydney". This Minute made reference to the Waterloo Redevelopment and contained a recommendation that Council host a public meeting about the Waterloo redevelopment. The recommendations were accepted by Council along with another resolution later in the meeting specifically about Council action on the Waterloo Estate Redevelopment. The text of the minute and the resolution are below:
City releases alternate plan for Waterloo Estate
The City of Sydney today released an alternate proposal for the NSW Government's redevelopment of the Waterloo Housing Estate, calling on the Government to scrap their current plan and hand planning control of the site back to the City of Sydney. The media release is below.
City of Sydney Waterloo Animation
by REDWatch — last modified Mar 04, 2019 07:04 PM — History This is an animation comparing the LAHC Preferred Masterplan with the City of Sydney Council's alternative proposal. The REDWatch website does not allow embedded video so this file produced by the City of Sydney is only available for download.
File Counterpoint Community Services response to City of Sydney Alternative Plan
This is Counterpoint Community Services's submission on the City of Sydney’s Allternative Approach to Waterloo Estate Redevelopment issued on 8 March 2019.
File Urban Taskforce Media Release on City of Sydney Alternative plan for Waterloo
In this media release issued before the City public meeting Urban Taskforce argues that Clover Moore is scaremongering Waterloo Residents – revitalisation is needed.
REDWatch response to LAHC and CoS Masterplan Proposals
In the response below REDWatch calls for LAHC to release supporting material so that the community can understand their Preferred Masterplan. REDWatch also calls for a further consultation on the Prefered Masterplan before it is formally submitted for exhibition.
File Shelter NSW Analysis of the City of Sydney Alternative Master Plan
THis is Shelter NSW's analysis of the City of Sydney Alternative Master Plan.
File Karen Freyer's petition on returning planning contol of Waterloo to the City of Sydney
Following the City of Sydney presentation. Redfern resident Karen Freyer put together an on-line petition at https://www.change.org/p/the-hon-gladys-berejiklian-mp-the-hon-michael-daley-mp-planning-for-people-not-politics. As many people in Waterloo public housing do not have ready access to computers Karen has also produced a pdf copy that people can print off get signed and return the completed petition to her.
File City of Sydney Waterloo presentation - PDF of Slides
The City of Sydney have posted their 6 March 2019 presentation in a Dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/s/nzovf155nq9zsye/181114_OLM_Waterloo.pptx - this file is in PowerPoint format and has two embedded videos and speaker notes producing a very large 294MB file that will be too big for many. REDWatch has produced a PDF of all the slides in the presentation. This PDF excludes video from We Live Here and the fly through of Council's proposal which is available on the Council's website. This file is too big for some email systems at 13MB but it be easily downloaded, viewed and printed. Council has also released the text of what was said at the community meeting you can download this and the original PowerPoint from https://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/vision/changing-urban-precincts/waterloo-precinct/saving-waterloo-have-your-say
File Waterloo Estate Planning Proposal Process
THis is a PDF of the presentation made by the City of Sydney to REDWatch on 5th March 2020 regarding the planning process that will apply to the Elizabeth Street Redfern Build to Rent and the Waterloo estate master plan proposal. PDF 5MB.