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"Master Plan" studies and consultants

On 29 May 2017 Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) issued details on the way in which Urban Growth and LAHC consultants will under the studies required by The studies as undertaken by consultants SSP Declaration and the Study requirements. Please note that the consultant's studies cover the SSP requirements in a different way to the SSP. In everyday dealing during the master plan it will be these studies which we are calling the "Master Plan" studies that will be meant by the studies. There are also other studies being undertaken which are not required for planning controls but which deal with more "people" rather than SSP requirements and these are also included in this section. Waterloo Estate and the Metro Station above ground now called Waterloo Metro Quarter along with private land within the Consolidated Estate boundary was declared a State Significant Precinct. Here is information about the . Please note however that the Study requirements are what NSW Planning and Environment require as a basis for setting new planning controls. cover these requirements in a different way. There are currently no items in this folder.
File Community Plus Waterloo Newsletter February 2017
This is the first newslewtter from Land and Housing Corporation's Community Plus for 2017.The newsletter says "FACS will commence the master planning process regarding the Waterloo redevelopment in the next couple of months
File LAHC Calendar of Events for the Master Plan
With the State Significant Precinct declaration Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) have released to the Waterloo Redevelopment Group an outline of the master plan timeline. The pink and blue lines indicate the stages on the time line and the green boxes above contain an outline of the activities expected during that month. The letters in the top right hand corner is the first letter of the month that activities are expected.
File Community Plus Waterloo Newsletter May 2017
Following the declaration of the State Significant Precinct Land and Housing Corporation's Communities Plus issued a newsletter on 26 May 2017 advising the community of the announcement and the proposed consultation.
Social Sustainability Assessment - GHD
One of the important studies to be undertaken is the Social Sustainability Assessment. Here we will put information about that study.
Proposed Health Impact Assessment
REDWatch and agencies have been in discussion with Sydney Area Health about undertaking a Health Impact Assessment of the Waterloo Estate. While this study is not part of the SSP or LAHC proposed studies, the SSP required health issues be looked at so we hope that this study would inform that part of the SSP and Master Plan.
Waterloo Draft Consultation Map and Zones
Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) presented a draft map to the Waterloo Redevelopment Group (WRG) on 19 July 2017. The map sets out the area to be consulted widely as well as the area for more intense consultation. The initial map also had light blue lines that link parts of the Waterloo Estate to adjoining areas this denoted that this area will be notified of a precinct meeting that will bring public housing tenants and surrounding residents together for a visioning session. There will also be visioning sessions for Aboriginal groups, Russian & Chinese language speakers and for youth.
Draft for Vision Consultation – Waterloo Redevelopment Precinct Master Plan
Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) presented a draft for the Vision Consultation for discussion to the Waterloo Redevelopment Group (WRG) on 19 July 2017. At the Waterloo Redevelopment. This is an important document that sets out Drivers for the Waterloo Precinct Redevelopment and the Commitments that will influence the master plan - in effect the non-negotiables for the redevelopment. It also sets out the areas that are expected to be covered in the master plan Visioning consultations.