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"Master Plan" studies and consultants

On 29 May 2017 Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) issued details on the way in which Urban Growth and LAHC consultants will under the studies required by The studies as undertaken by consultants SSP Declaration and the Study requirements. Please note that the consultant's studies cover the SSP requirements in a different way to the SSP. In everyday dealing during the master plan it will be these studies which we are calling the "Master Plan" studies that will be meant by the studies. There are also other studies being undertaken which are not required for planning controls but which deal with more "people" rather than SSP requirements and these are also included in this section. Waterloo Estate and the Metro Station above ground now called Waterloo Metro Quarter along with private land within the Consolidated Estate boundary was declared a State Significant Precinct. Here is information about the . Please note however that the Study requirements are what NSW Planning and Environment require as a basis for setting new planning controls. cover these requirements in a different way. There are currently no items in this folder.
Social Sustainability Assessment - GHD
One of the important studies to be undertaken is the Social Sustainability Assessment. Here we will put information about that study.
Proposed Health Impact Assessment
REDWatch and agencies have been in discussion with Sydney Area Health about undertaking a Health Impact Assessment of the Waterloo Estate. While this study is not part of the SSP or LAHC proposed studies, the SSP required health issues be looked at so we hope that this study would inform that part of the SSP and Master Plan.
Consultant Site Visits during Master Planning
Following on from the announcement on 18 May that Waterloo has been nominated as a State Significant Precinct, Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) have been informing the community when technical consultants are on-site so people know what is going on around the estate and so you can also inform others. They are aiming to have the information for the coming week available on Friday. As it is available REDWatch will post it here. Immediately below you will see some general information on these visits and links to additional information.
Consultants and Studies
Land and Housing Corporation have on their Waterloo Communities Plus website the details of the consultants undertaking their studies as well as details about the scope of the various studies. Below are links to the current studies. There have been changes to the consultants undertaking some studies since the project details were initially posted.
Waterloo Public Housing Renewal - Exisiting Property sizes
Land and Housing has supplied REDWatch with a breakdown of the existing housing stock in the area covered by the proposed master plan. The figures show how many of different size units currently exist on the various blocs and buildings. This information is of interest because there is concern that one possible outcome will be the rentention of the same number of front doors but that the unit size will shrink.
File Waterloo Public Housing Renewal - Exisiting Property official ocupation
Land and Housing has supplied REDWatch with a breakdown of the existing tenancies across its housing stock in the area covered by the proposed master plan. The figures provide some incomplete details of not only the tenants but also some aspects of their support needs. It should be noted that these are official figures. It is widely recognise that there are many occupants in the estate that are not officially on the LAHC records. These however are the official LAHC demographics.