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Background to RWA involvement in Human Services

This provides a breif background to how the RWA became involved in Human Services. We have also provided the links to other documents related to human services which are covered in other sections of this website.

The Premiers’ Department Redfern Waterloo Partnership Project (RWPP) requested Morgan & Disney to undertake a review of human services in Redfern Waterloo. The review was conducted in early to mid 2004.

Their report was adopted by the NSW Government and the RWPP was to implement the Morgan Disney recommendations in parallel with the RWA. A fact sheet was produced by the RWA and the Morgan & Disney consultants returned in December 2004 to explain their recommendations to service providers and the community.

In March 2005 the RWPP set up a Human Services Implementation Working Group (HSIWG) to oversee the implementation of the recommendations initially in four cluster areas. With the decision to absorb the RWPP into the RWA this group was made the Minister’s Human Services Advisory Committee (HSAC)

As material relating to Human Services is held on different parts of this site we have provided below the links so you can easily access the material referred to above.

Morgan Disney Report

This is a link to the page that has details of the Morgan Disney Report where you can also download a copy.

Human Services Identified by Morgan Disney Review

This is the list of Human Services identified by the Morgan Disney Review of Human Services servicing the Redfern Waterloo Area. Please note that this list was put together in the second half of 2004 and has not been updated so changes in personnel, service funding and contact details will not be reflected in the list. The list does however put names to the services identified by Morgan Disney which were not released with their Report. File is 311 Kb MS Word document.

Government Human Services Review to Reshape Redfern Waterloo Social Services

This Media Release and Background notes were issued jointly by Minister Sartor and Minister Tebbutt to announce the NSW Governments decisions following from the Review of Human Services in Redfern Waterloo. The Media Release was issued on 10th November 2004.

Human Services Review Factsheet

This is the text of the "Human Services Review" leaflet produced by the RWPP to explain the Findings of the Human Services review and promote feedback sessions to the community by the consultants. The original pdf file dated 3rd December 2004 is 560Kb and is available for download at the link below. We have maintained the original colour scheme so you can recognise the leaflet if you saw the original.

RWPP The Human Services Review Leaflet Download

This is The Human Services Review Leaflet. The pdf file dated 3th December 2004 is 560Kb. A text version is available above.


The Human Services Advisory Committee has nine members from government (local, state and federal), three community members and three representatives of non-government organisations. It is Co-chaired by Garry Moore Director of NCOSS and Aldo Pennini the RWA's Director Reforming Human Services. The current membership of the committee is:

Terms of Redfernece

This is the terms of reference of the Human Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) when it was first established. File is pdf 129Kb.