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Tenant Participation and Community Engagement Program (TPCE)

Mission Australia runs the Department of Communities and Justice funded Tenant Participation and Community Engagement Program (TPCE). In December 2018 TPCE replaced the Tenant Resource Participation Service (TPRS) and the Housing Communities Program (HCP) supporting inner city public housing tenants. TPCE is to support social housing tenants to access information and services, connect with their local communities and participate in housing and community issues which effect their lives. Under the TPCE Program, Mission Australia supports Neighbourhood Advisory Boards and tenant groups, provides coaching and training opportunities, and communication with tenants. In this section of the site we have collected material about TPCE including the the details of DCJ's expected outcomes and expectations from the establishment of TPCE.
File TPCE Program Guidelines
These are the Guidelines for the TPCE program made available as part of the TPCE Expression of Interest process. They set out what the grogram framework and what the sucessful bidder needs to deliver in the TPCE program.
File DCJ State Requirements of TPCE
This extract from the Expression of Interest Applicant Guidelines outlines the state Outcomes and Expectations of the TPCE program.
File TPCE Sydney District Priorities
For the Exopression of Interest process each district set its own priorities for the TPCE program. Here we have extracted from the Attachment to the Guidelines the priorities for the Sydney, South Eastern Sydney and Northern Sydney District which covers inner city public housing.
Mission Australia to replace TPRS and HCP Statewide in new TPCE
On 31 October 2018, FACS announced that Mission Australia had won the tender to provide the replacement service for the long standing TPRS and place based HCP programs. Mission Australia will run the new Tenant Participation and Community Engagement (TPCE) across the entire state from December 3 2018 after the existing TPRS and HCP programs end.
File Paper Petition on impact of TPRS and HCP loss
Further to the Change.org. online petition we circulated a couple of weeks ago we have had multiple requests from local residents and supporting agencies to develop a paper petition, which we have now done with the support of the Local Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP. Please find attached our petition to the Honourable Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of NSW in Parliament requesting to restore support services for public housing tenants in Redfern and Waterloo. Jenny Leong MP is able to raise the question in NSW Parliament once 250 signatures are tabled. Please return signed petitions to the office of Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown, at 383 King St Newtown. You can also call (02) 9517 2800 or email jenny.leong@parliament.nsw.gov.au with any questions or comments. Alternatively you can bring signed petitions to the Factory and we will send them on your behalf. Thank you in advance for your continued support of the Redfern and Waterloo public housing communities.
TPCE responsible for all tenant support in Waterloo after LAHC stops funding support positions
In this correspondence from Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) on 18 August 2020 on behalf of Ministers Pavey and Ward it was confirmed that LAHC would not continue to fund independent support positions in Waterloo. The email points out that DCJ funds the TPCE Program which "supports social housing tenants to access information and services, connect with their local communities and participate in housing and community issues which effect their lives". Follow this link for the full text of the correspondence.