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Letter from RWA concerning decision not to make link on RWA site to REDWatch

In the Redfern Waterloo Issues update of 4 September 2006 we advised that the RWA considered REDWatch too political to have a link to their site included on the RWA website. One member of the REDWatch Co-ordinating group has been following up this issue and this is the text of a letter from the RWA dated 10 November that e received concerning the issue.

Dear Mr Smith

The Minster's office has forwarded correspondence from Kristina Keneally MP requesting that the Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) further address your queries about links to the RWA website.

The RA did not fail to supply you with the criteria for posting links on the RWA website. As previously explained, each request is considered on a case by case basis. This was done in the cases of the Chamber of Commerce request and the REDWatch request.

Whilst I appreciate your view that REDWatch is an apolitical organisation, the view here is contrary to that. hence the decision not to support a link.

Clearly at times there is the possibility of a difference of opinion between the Chamber of Commerce and the RWA. The link does not imply endorsement of the views of the Chamber of commerce or of its individual members.

1 do not believe that my previous response stated or otherwise implied that the Redfern Chamber of commerce is 'more meritorious" that REDWatch. Personally, whilst I do not always agree with the views and methodologies of REDWatch, I do admire the commitment and energy that so many people give to the organisation I have worked in many communities during my career and I can only think of one other where so many people demonstrated a similar sense of responsibility to the broader community. My hearty congratulations.

I have asked Natasa Tosic to look into the operation of the site.

I write this on my last day with RWA. I have enjoyed my time working in this area, firstly with the City of Sydney and then with RWA. However the job assisting Robert in establishing the RWA, is done. It is time for me to hand over to someone else and move on. My replacement is my colleague Natasa Tosic and she may be contacted on 92029106 or at natasa.tosic@rwa.nsw.gov.au.

Please accept my best wishes for the future.

Annette (Nette) Griggs Director Community Relations