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These are Statements made by the RWA, its Minister and other Government Ministers concerning the RWA or issues relating to Redfern Waterloo in 2008. Earlier Statements appear under the year the statement was made.
File Redfern’s $28 Million Housing Redevelopment Underway - DoH Media release 9 January 2008
This is a copy of the DoH Media release issues by Matt Brown concerning comencement of work on the Elizabeth and walker streets Development. File is MS Word 41Kb.
Waterloo Green - DoH Media release of 20 January 2008.
This is the link to the Media Statement of 20 January 2008 by Minister Matt brown concerning Waterloo Green.
File Key Redfern Projects Move Forward - 24 January 2008
This is a copy of the media release from Minister Sartor announcing the sale of Rachel Forster Hospital site. File is PDF 81 KB.
Minister Reviews Revised CUB Proposal
New proposals claiming to transform the old Carlton and United Brewery into Sydney's most environmentally-friendly development precinct were outlined today at a presentation to Planning Minister Frank Sartor reporets this media release from The Hon Frank Sartor MP Minister for Planning and Minister for Redfern Waterloo.
Minister for Planning and Redfern-Waterloo Frank Sartor today previewed draft plans that will help deliver an upgrade to Redfern Station and new affordable housing to the area reports this media release from Minister for Redfern Waterloo, Planning and the Arts Frank Sartor.
May 2008 – RWA Update – Text Version
DESTINATION EVELEIGH - $1.3 billion transformation over 10 years / North Eveleigh Concept Plan / Community Information Sessions for Concept Plan / North Eveleigh Rail Yard Site: Planning the future / ATP: New buildings and jobs / Eveleigh Community Markets / Redfern Station Upgrade and Pedestrian Bridge / Employment model links jobs to growth / Need Assistance?
File May 2008 RWA Update - PDF Version
This is a PDF version of the May 2008 RWA Update which deals with the North Eveleigh Concept Plan. PLEASE NOTE: The detail on the map in the middle of this Update is in low detail to make the electronic version file size manageable. To obtain greater detail please obtain the printed version from the RWA. The File is 861 Kb PDF.
RWA evidence to Inquiry into Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage - 29 April 2008
Below we have extracted the RWA Evidence from the Uncorrected transcript of Tuesday 29 April 2008 of the Inquiry into Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage as this evidence places some information on the public record about the RWA activities which is not otherwise available. Please check the link at the bottom of this page for the link to the original transcript which may in the future contain any corrections.
RWA North Eveleigh Concept Plan Exhibition May 2008
The RWA placed many documents on Exhibition for the North Eveleigh Concept Plan which we have not included in this section of the site. For details on these documents please follow the link below.
File North Eveleigh Social Impact Assessment - May 2008
This is the North Eveleigh Social Impact Assessment prepared by the RWA for the North Eveleigh Concept Plan. It has been included here as it has wider relevance to the RWA area and included the only released map of Redfern-Waterloo Community Facilities and Services and other broader information. File is1.3 MB PDF.
Green Light for New Community Health Facility & Human Service Plan 2 Released
This media release of 11 July 2008 from Minister frank Sartor announced both the Planning Approval for the new Redfern Community Health Facility and the release of the Human Services Plan Phase 2.
July2008 – RWA Update – Text Version
Green light for new community health facility / Redfern open for business / New Human Services Plan released / Outcomes from first phase of Human Services Plan / Winners at the NSW Group Training Awards 2008 / Work underway on Eveleigh Markets / Channel 7 starts taking shape / Black Theatre site complete / Eveleigh Heritage Walk: Project application / Need Assistance?
File July 2008 RWA Update - PDF Version
This is a PDF version of the July 2008 RWA Update. The File is 630 Kb PDF.
RWA Letter to Editor on North Eveleigh & ATP Blacksmith
This letter was submitted by Robert Domm to the Sydney Morning Herald in response to the SMH's "Battle Stations for North Eveleigh" on August 2 and Brian Dunnett's letter "Ditching Eveleigh agreement robs the future by discounting the past".
RWA continues to 2011-12 - Minister
"The Redfern-Waterloo Authority continues operation until 2011-12 at which point it will reviewed, either for termination or to be incorporated into other agencies". This announcement was included in the Summary of Planning Portfolio reforms accompanied Minister Keneally's the media release on "Planning Reform to Keep Development and New South Wales Moving" of Wednesday 29 October 2008.
RWA Questions at Estimates Hearing - 15th October 2008
Below we have extracted the examination of proposed expenditure for the portfolio areas of Planning and Redfern Waterloo by General Purpose Standing Commiittee No. 4 on Wednesday 15 October 2008. This transcript has been extracted from the draft transcript for final transcript please refer to the link at the end of this transcript.
Govt to Sell 99 Year Lease Over ATP to Private Sector
Commercial assets and leases belonging to the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) and the Australian Technology Park (ATP) at Redfern will be placed on the market as part of the NSW Government’s Mini-Budget reportsd this media release was issued by the Minister for Planning and Minister for Redfern Waterloo on 11 November 2008.
Next Step taken on $1.7 Billion Green Square Town Centre
Mirvac/Leighton Properties has been selected to partner with Landcom to deliver the first phase of the $1.7 billion Green Square Town Centre reports this media release from Minister for Planning Kristina Keneally on 17 November 2008.
Redfern-Waterloo Authority Annual Report 07-08
This is the text of the RWA Annual Report excluding the Financial Report for the Financial year ended June 2008. The Report can be downloaded as a full version with pictures (3.5MB). The RWA has not produced a text version of their annual report for the second year so this text version has been constructed by REDWatch to make the contents of the RWA Annual report readily available and searchable on the REDWatch site.
December 2008 – RWA Update – Text Version
Traditional Christmas Farmers’ Market / Protecting traditional farming and cooking / Les Tobler Construction Centre refurbished – Koori Job Ready Course all on site / Yaama Dhiyaan delivers unique learning experience / Community Drug Action Team’s BBQs at Waterloo Green / Redfern Karate Kids / Koori League Knockout / headspace Central Sydney – new care services for local youth / Work underway on new National Indigenous Development Centre / Season’s Greetingsed Assistance?
File December 2008 RWA Update - PDF Version
This is a PDF version of the December 2008 RWA Update. The File is 1.5MB PDF.