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Waterloo Public Housing Redevelopment & Metro Station

On 15 December 2015 the NSW Government anounced that a station on its proposed Metro railway line would be built at Waterloo. The Metro anouncement was accompanied by the anouncement that the Waterloo public housing estate would be redeveloped over the next 15-20years with community engagement starting in 2016. In this section of the website you will find details of these projects as they unfold.
Earlier Studies on Waterloo & Redfern Public Housing Redevelopment
The proposal for the redevelopment of the Waterloo Public Housing Estate linked to the Metro station follows earlier studies undertaken by the Premiers Department's Redfern Waterloo Partnership Project in 2003-4 and the Redfern Waterloo Authority / Sydney Metropolitian Development Authority's Built Environment Plan Two. The latter was undertaken in tandem with the Federally funded Housing NSW Draft Master Plan. During these studies, and other proposed redevelopments of public housing, many issues have been raised by the community. This background has been documented on the REDWatch website and the relevent links can be found here.
The 2015 Announcements
The details of the announcements and the initial reactions to them can be found here.
For More Information
Below are the links to the major government bodies dealing with Waterloo
Waterloo Redevelopment 2016
To help keep everyone accross the proposals for the Waterloo redevelopment as they unfold REDWatch is bringing together key documents related to the Governments Plans for the Estate.
Waterloo Public Housing Redevelopment Master Planning
Master Planning for the redevelopment starts in 2017 in and arround the Waterloo Public Housing Estate. Here we will collect together information from the Master Planning and other Communities Plus, NGO and community activity relating to the redevelopment.