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Letter from Minister Hazzard to Waterloo Tenants

Below is the text of the letter which was letterboxed to Waterloo public housing tenants on 16 December 2015 when the announcement was made that the Waterloo Estate would be redeveloped.


Dear Tenant

I am excited to write to you and let you know Transport for NSW has announced a new Sydney Metro station at Waterloo, due to be completed by 2024.

On my visits to Waterloo I have spoken to a number of tenants who have told me they like living in the area, but are disappointed with the quality of the ageing housing on the Waterloo estate.

The new Metro station not only brings fantastic new rapid transport to Waterloo, it means we can redevelop the estate with brand new and more social housing that meets people's needs.

I want to assure you that tenants who live at Waterloo can remain in Waterloo after the redevelopment. While some tenants may need to relocate on an interim basis into other housing in the local area, many will be able to move directly into the new social housing as the site is redeveloped.

In addition to boosting social housing in Waterloo, there will be a big increase in private housing and also affordable housing with the new Waterloo Metro station in easy walking distance.

The redevelopment will not happen overnight — it will be staged over 15-20 years. The first relocations will not take place until mid-2017 and experienced FACS staff will assist people to settle comfortably into their new homes.

During the planning process we will be talking to tenants and the broader community about the future of the neighbourhood to help develop more detailed precinct plans with new parks, homes and community facilities. The plans will then be put on public exhibition and we will support tenants and the community to engage in this process.

The Metro station and the area's renewal will transform the Waterloo housing estate for the better, building a dynamic new community with great transport, better homes, better facilities and more jobs.

Housing staff from the Department of Family and Community services will be available to answer your questions at the Neighbourhood Centre in the IGA complex, 95 Wellington Street, on VVednesday till 4pm. You can also contact the Waterloo FACS Housin. Services office in erson Ground floor Dr sdale 232 Pitt St Waterloo) or via phone on 9384 4166.

Yours sincerely


16 December 2015