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REDWatch Social Media Statement

Below is the post that appeared on FaceBook from REDWatch raising questions about the Waterloo anouncement.

On the Proposed Redevelopment around the new Metro Station:

While we are encouraged to hear the Minister's undertaking that all public tenants at Waterloo may return to the new development, he has done little to allay our other concerns.

How does the government propose to provide the support, social services and facilities needed for high needs tenants, who will put under pressure by the greatly increased density?

Given the massive under-supply of social housing in NSW, and the difficulties the government faced relocating the comparatively small number of Millers Point residents, where does the minister propose to temporarily relocate the residents displaced during the construction of the new development?

If tenants are to be moved from public housing to either affordable or Community housing, how does the minister propose to guarantee their existing tenancy and rental arrangements?

Given the crisis in the public housing system and Urban Growth's plans for significant redevelopment of government land across the whole city, why have they made only a token effort to increase public or affordable housing in the Redfern-Waterloo area?

Given the Government's ongoing failure to engage with the tenants, how can the minister expect tenants to take him seriously when he promises community engagement now?

And finally, if the government want to take the community with them, why make the announcement now, before Christmas, leaving tenants in limbo until at least February?

Source: www.facebook.com/RedfernEveleighDarlingtonWaterlooWatch