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Minister Hazzard Media Release on Waterloo Redevelopment

Below is the text of the media release issued by Minister Hazzard on 16 December 2015 regarding the redevelopment of the Waterloo Public Housing Estate.

Exciting era for Waterloo social housing

The ageing Waterloo social housing estate will be redeveloped into a world-class vibrant community with more social, affordable and private housing, following the NSW Government’s announcement of the new Waterloo Metro Station.

Minister for Social Housing Brad Hazzard said social housing will be redeveloped and boosted above the current 2000 homes.

“The Metro station will transform the Waterloo housing estate for the better, building a dynamic community with better amenity, better homes, better facilities, fantastic transport and more jobs,” Mr Hazzard said.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for renewal and it will deliver better outcomes for some of the most vulnerable people in NSW.

“I can assure Waterloo tenants that if they want to remain in Waterloo after the development, they can do so.”

There will be a large increase in the total numbers of homes in the new socially mixed community, with up to 70 per cent of new dwellings being private housing.

The redevelopment will be staged over 15-20 years and the first relocation will not take place until mid-2017. Experienced FACS staff will assist people to settle comfortably into their new homes. While some residents may need to move into other housing in the local area on an interim basis, many residents will be able to move directly into new social housing on the estate during the redevelopment.

In partnership with UrbanGrowth NSW, the Waterloo estate will be part of the property portfolio offered through Communities Plus, a new and innovative approach to generate new social housing supply through developing Land and Housing Corporation sites with the private and community housing sector.

Community housing providers will play a significant role in managing integration in the new community.

“This is an exciting announcement and I’m pleased to see that the NSW Government with its great track record on building infrastructure, is building a social housing system with better supply, better outcomes and opportunities for people,” Mr Hazzard said.

Source: Exciting era for Waterloo social housing