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Land and Housing Response to REDWatch Questions

On 27 September 2016 Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) replied to the questions of 2 May 2016 that REDWatch asked of LAHC, FaCS Housing and UrbanGrowth Central to Eveleigh who shared various responsibilities at the time for aspects of the Waterloo public housing estate and its redevelopment. Since this time it has become apparent that LAHC are driving this process through its new Communities Plus mechanism rather than through UrbanGrowth who undertook much of the early work. The written responses are quite general responses to the issue areas raised by REDWatch rather than the detailed responses to specific questions many might like to see. These questions will form a basis for ongoing discussion between LAHC and the community during the Master Planning process.

Responses to RedWatch questions.pdf — PDF document, 245 kB (251490 bytes)