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Waterloo relocations put back to mid 2018

Discussions are still underway about what studies will be be undertaken in the Waterloo Master Plan which is scheduled to start in 2017. Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) have said the Master Plan will determine where on the estate redevelopment will take place. These delays mean LAHC will not know until well after mid 2017 where they will start and which residents they will want to relocate. On 12 December 2016 it was decided that Waterloo tenants should be advised that the first relocations will be pushed back. A brief statement on the FACS website says LAHC are now looking at relocations starting mid 2018.

The following statement has appearded on the FACS / LAHC website:

Update as at 12 December 2016: The mid-2017 date originally tabled for tenant relocations has changed to mid-2018. This change has been made to ensure that all stakeholders and most importantly residents are given full information, the time to discuss issues and agree to a framework of consultation and engagement for the project.

Source: www.facs.nsw.gov.au/reforms/social-housing/communities-plus/waterloo-renewal