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Waterloo Estate and Metro Site Redevelopment - What we know at 20 June 2017

The summary below is an outline of what we know about the process at a particular point of time. We have included links so people can access the documents referred to.

State Significant Precinct (SSP)

Initial Waterloo State Significant Precinct Declaration Details

Two Precincts Waterloo Estate & Waterloo Metro with differences - 27 studies required over 3 sites

Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has produced a summary - Waterloo Study Requirements Summary 

REDWatch has produced a Combined Waterloo SSP Study Requirements

These “study requirements” are the issues the Dept of Planning and Environment want addressed to set new planning controls. The first step is to produce a Master Plan – this is what the community will be consulted on.

The City of Sydney is very involved in the SSP process - Council's Role in the Waterloo SSP and the Project Review Panel and City of Sydney Presentation on Waterloo Study Requirements to REDWatch 1 June 2017

Consultants and “Master Plan” studies

Urban Growth and LAHC have divided the SSP up over a number of different consultants and studies

LAHC have produced some summaries – they show:

Note - Visual Impact is in the summary but not on the front page of consultants

Non-SSP Studies

This is not just about Built Environment – it is about people

The LAHC studies include work that is not in the SSP requirements eg Place Making is mentioned.

We have also learnt there will be at least:

  • A Human Services Plan
  • A Communities Plus desktop study on the international experience of Social Mix

We have also asked for a Health Impact Assessment from Sydney Local Health District (SLHD)

Looking at Human Services will be crucial for the outcome and must run in parallel and feed in

LAHC is asking for feedback on the summary of studies. If you think there is something missing this is your opportunity to say so – there is even a Feedback Form on the Communities Plus Waterloo website.

Consultants and Consultation

Consultants – are working for UrbanGrowth who is working for LAHC – UG does not disclose contracts

  • Consultants will not necessarily be talking to people but you can feed in your concerns through LAHC
  • Some consultants will need to talk to people or will sit at events and listen

Consultation – This is one study where the consultants (KJA) want to talk to you but you will not find a summary of what they want to talk to you about in the summary of studies. We are still waiting for this.

A general timeframe has been produced - LAHC Calendar of Events for the Master Plan - First step is Visioning!

You have local knowledge that consultants and LAHC do not know. You also have questions from living here that they might not think off. Making your voice heard is the best way of avoiding a bad outcome!

Links above from and

REDWatch 20 June 2017