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Waterloo Draft Consultation Map and Zones

Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) presented a draft map to the Waterloo Redevelopment Group (WRG) on 19 July 2017. The map sets out the area to be consulted widely as well as the area for more intense consultation. The initial map also had light blue lines that link parts of the Waterloo Estate to adjoining areas this denoted that this area will be notified of a precinct meeting that will bring public housing tenants and surrounding residents together for a visioning session. There will also be visioning sessions for Aboriginal groups, Russian & Chinese language speakers and for youth.

While this document is out for discussion within the community, LAHC do not want it up on the REDWatch website as it is going through community consultation and it is regularly changing.

LAHC has requested that REDWatch not display the draft map shown to the WRG but rather refer people looking for the latest version of the document under consultation to LAHC who will supply the most recent version of the document upon request. To receive a copy of the current map and to comment email WaterlooConnect@facs.nsw.gov.au

As soon as the document is finalised we will place it on the REDWatch website. REDWatch was prepared to update the document on the REDWatch website as LAHC made changes.

REDWatch remains of the view that in the interest of transparency and reaching the widest possible section of the interested community that such draft documents should be in the public domain so that all interested parties can easily see and access what is up for discussion. This should apply to the discussion about the community engagement process as well as the details of the master plan.