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Estate Options Testing Consultation Report Released

On 11 January LAHC released their Options Testing Consultation Report. This report documents for the SSP process the outcomes of the options testing phase of consultation for the Waterloo Redevelopment. It also incorporates an overview of the findings of the initial visioning phase of the consultation.

This report is large as it also includes the Visioning report as an Appendix. You can download the full report here.

REDWatch has produced a reduced size version that excludes the information boards and the Visioning report as both of these will have been already seen by many people. You can download the Options Report new material here.

Both the visioning and options testing involved discussion focusing on five important themes: culture and community life; transport, streets and connections; housing and neighbourhood design; community facilities, services and shops; environment and open space.

The full report has been prepared in response to the Study Requirements issued DPE to support the rezoning application to be lodged with the Department. It also provides information for the consideration of LAHC and its project team to assist in the preparation of the preferred masterplan for the Waterloo Redevelopment.

Copies of the Report will be available for review by residents at Waterloo Connect office.