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Waterloo FAQs – 19 May 2023 Murawin and Land and Housing Corporation

On 19 May 2023 Murawin and Land and Housing Corporation held a consultation with the Aboriginal community about the waterloo redevelopment. Below is the FAQ provided for that event. It contains some additional information no previously said by LAHC.

Waterloo FAQs


These are some answers to common questions we have right now. We are still working through the detail and will provide more information later this year.

Waterloo South will be redeveloped over the next 15 years. You are not being relocated right now.

You will get at least 6 months' notice before needing to move.   

Tenants who want to stay in the area will be rehoused locally and have the right to return to new homes once the development is complete.

Every effort will be made to move you only once.

Tenants may move to vacant properties in the local area, new homes at the Metro Quarter, new homes at the Elizabeth Street, Redfern development or into new homes on the Waterloo Estate as they are built.

Not everyone will be moved at the same time - tenants will move in small stages to minimise impact.

The towers will not be redeveloped now.

If you're living in the towers, or any part of Waterloo Central or Waterloo North, it is unlikely you will move for at least ten years.

The relocations team will meet with you individually and support you throughout the process.

The relocations team will help find you a suitable home that meets your individual needs.

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