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Waterloo South social and affordable housing boosted to 50% - Media Release

This is the media release from The Premier, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaty, Minister for Homelessness, Minister for Housing that was issued about the increased targets for the Waterloo South housing redevelopment.

The NSW Government is boosting the number of new social and affordable homes being delivered as part of the renewal of Waterloo Estate, while increasing efforts to engage with the Waterloo community to ensure tenants have clarity and certainty.

The NSW Government is today announcing:

  • An increase in delivery of 50% social and affordable housing across the Waterloo Estate, up from 34% resulting in an uplift of up to 500 homes.
  • Increased engagement with Waterloo tenants, which includes opening an on-site Waterloo Connect Office, as well as increasing the delivery of project updates to tenants via phone, text and letterbox drops, and holding community events across the estate.
  • A minimum of at least 15% of all new social and affordable homes dedicated for Aboriginal people, helping to keep them on Country and work towards closing the housing gap.

The Waterloo Estate redevelopment is a major urban renewal project that will see the estate renewed over time into a modern, sustainable and vibrant community with a mix of social, affordable and private housing, as well as retail, community facilities and public open spaces.

The next step for the project will be the appointment of a renewal partner consortium to deliver the project, which is expected to be announced next year.

To support the redevelopment, 70 new social housing homes at the Waterloo Metro Quarter, and over 100 social homes at Elizabeth Street, Redfern will provide an opportunity for Waterloo South tenants to be relocated in the local area.

Existing Waterloo South tenants will be relocated in small stages with the process starting in mid-2024 and will be given the right to return once the renewal is complete.

This renewal project builds on the NSW Government commitment to deliver more social and affordable housing.

For more information on these projects, visit the Department of Planninglaunch.

Premier of New South Wales Chris Minns said:

“Everyone deserves access to safe and secure shelter. The Waterloo Estate will be a huge boost to the area and to the communities who live there, particularly for social and affordable housing.

“We have a housing crisis in NSW and it is on all of us to work together to address the challenges.

“Part of that challenge is the lack of supply.

“Delivering more housing is crucial and we’ve introduced a suite of planning reforms and commitments to deliver more social and affordable housing as a start, but there is so much more to do.”

Minister for Housing and Homelessness Rose Jackson said:

"The Waterloo Estate is one of the largest social housing renewals in the state, and this announcement is a significant step forward in addressing injustices by the former government while ensuring our commitment to providing more homes for those who need it most.

“Throughout this project tenants have been left in the dark about their future. Along with increasing the number of social and affordable housing at Waterloo, we want to take tenants with us every step of the journey.

“Engagement with tenants is a key focus for this government which is why we’re ramping up efforts to be out and about in the community. This includes opening a dedicated on-site office, which gives tenants the opportunity to drop-in and speak with us about the redevelopment, as well as holding regular community events where we can engage directly with tenants.

“We understand that housing plays a critical role in social and economic outcomes for Aboriginal communities and as part of our housing increase, we’re dedicating a minimum of 15% of all new social and affordable homes for Aboriginal people so that we can keep them connected to their community and work towards closing the housing gap."

Member for Heffron Ron Hoenig said:

"When I was elected as the member for Heffron 11 years ago, I found my Waterloo public housing constituents living in terrible conditions. A lifetime spent in the criminal justice system did not prepare me for what I found. We need to improve the standard of living for residents and this renewal is part of that work.

"In the battle to improve the standards of living for residents over the years, I have always fought on their behalf. While there have been substantial improvements over time, many of the buildings have reached their use-by date and are in desperate need of renewal.

"There is also a considerable shortage of social and affordable housing in the Waterloo area, so I welcome the government’s efforts to increase the supply of secure housing for vulnerable members of the community.

“The renewal of Waterloo South Estate will help ensure constituents have a far better quality of life than they could possibly have in the current state of the area.”

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaty David Harris said:

"The Minns Labor Government is committed to working together to close the gap and create better opportunities for Aboriginal communities.

"Direct investment in Aboriginal infrastructure will help to ensure the security and longevity of key programs that deliver real benefits to our communities."