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Social Sustainability Assessment - GHD

One of the important studies to be undertaken is the Social Sustainability Assessment. Here we will put information about that study.
Waterloo Estate Social Sustainability Assessment
A Social Sustainability Assessment is one of the key studies for the Waterloo Estate under the Waterloo State Significant Precinct Study requirements. Here we have bought together information about the study requirements and about GHD the consultancy doing the work. In 2012 GHD did some scoping work of Redfern and Waterloo Public Housing Estates for the Sydney Metropolitan Development Corporation (SMDA).
Social Baseline Report Preliminary detail issues and comments
uThe following preliminary comments were prepared by Michael Shreenan of Counterpoint Community Services and supplied to UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation and Land and Housing Corporation. The comments draw on feedback provided on an earlier GHD report on community facilities which remain issues in the current GHD report. It also draws on feedback from other Groundswell agency members about the current GHD Social Baseline Report.
File Social Baseline Report Waterloo - Alison Ziller Review of Study
Alison Ziller is a Social Planner who has provided some comments regarding the GHD Social Baseline Report – Waterloo. Alison raises concerns about the implications of a lack of definition about social sustainability and raises other issues about gaps in the report methodology. These comments aim to provide comments to residents and agencies in making their submissions.