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Council's Role in the Waterloo SSP and the Project Review Panel

According to the Precinct Declaration The Department of Planning and Environment has established a Project Review Panel for the Nominated State Significant Precinct - Waterloo. It also provides some information alongside the initial announcement that gives us information about the City of Sydney Council role.

The Project Review Panel for the Nominated State Significant Precinct in Waterloo includes representatives of the Department of Planning and Environment, the City of Sydney Council, NSW Government Architect’s Office, and Transport for NSW.

The Study Requirements for the Waterloo precinct have been prepared with the City of Sydney Council, in consultation with relevant State agencies and endorsed by the Waterloo Project Review Panel.

The SPP requirements say that NSW Government agencies are working together to deliver a program of highly-integrated, but individually-delivered projects within the nominated precinct. These projects include the redevelopment of the Waterloo Estate, the construction of the new Waterloo Metro Station, and the creation of the Waterloo Metro Quarter (the area above and around the new metro station).The Applicants for the Waterloo Estate are NSW Land and Housing Corporation and UrbanGrowth NSW. The Applicant for the Waterloo Metro Quater is UrbanGrowth NSW.

The SSP announcement also stated that Council would The Department of Planning and Environment and the City of Sydney Council will jointly assess the State Significant Precinct Proposal. In their media release the Ministers said: “Proposals to rezone the land will be assessed under a new collaborative arrangement between the Department of Planning and Environment and the City of Sydney Council, reflecting a commitment to work together to ensure good planning and design outcomes.”

The Introduction of the Waterloo Estate requirements provides the following City of Sydney Council considerations for the Waterloo Estate

Where practical and to the extent that it relates to the rezoning of the land, the State Significant Precinct Study should have regard to the following considerations from the City of Sydney Council and demonstrate how the considerations have been addressed:

  • Ensure that the current number of social housing homes is maintained
  • ensure that the affordable housing targets set in the draft Central District Plan be a minimum requirement for the renewal of this precinct; specifically, the target of 5-10% (subject to development feasibility) be applied at the rezoning stage
  • ensure the historical connections and importance of the Waterloo area to our First Nations people is maintained and strongly reflected in the design of the precinct, the services and employment opportunities provided and maintaining Waterloo as a welcoming and culturally inclusive place
  • ensure that social housing tenants are supported and relocated temporarily together and within the local area, where practical to retain the strong community connection and cohesion that currently exists
  • ensure that the redevelopment process delivers a mix of public, affordable rental and private housing, arranged through the site to promote equity, social cohesion and inclusivity, with essential tenant support services available locally, and
  • ensure that throughout the planning and development of the precinct, the capacity building and information sharing with residents (social housing tenants and private owner/occupiers),businesses, Aboriginal elders and local Aboriginal organisations, community organisations, local service providers and other stakeholders is transparent,supportive and open.

On 1 June the City of Sydney made a presentation to REDWatch on the requirements and covered some of their role. You can see that presentation at City of Sydney Presentation on Waterloo Study Requirements to REDWatch 1 June 2017

Information for this article has been sourced from the Waterloo SSP announcement and from Study Requirements Nominated State Significant Precinct – Waterloo - May 2017 pages 4, 8, 9 & 35.