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Metro Quarter feedback report

On August 1 2018 UrbanGrowth Development Corp (UGDC) released its Engagement Report on what was heard in its three-week informal exhibition on the new Metro station and the buildings above it.

The Engagement Report can be downloaded from the UGDC Waterloo Metro website. UGDC has submitted its SSP proposal for new planning controls to the Department of Planning and Environment. UGDC expect that it will take up to two months for the proposal to be tested for adequacy before it is made public for exhibition. UGDC is also preparing a State Significant Development Application (SSD) for the site to act as a development control plan dealing with where the building sit, setbacks etc. We have requested that the 6,000 pages of supporting reports be made public as early as possible and that there be an opportunity for people to understand the study reports before making comments. We have also requested there be at least 8 weeks for the formal exhibition and that there is help for public tenants wishing to make submissions. The indicative timing for the Metro Quarter exhibition is likely to see the supporting studies released towards the end of the Estate options testing. The studies have been done together so it is expected the studies will be virtually identical for the two sites except for the findings in each that support the proposal put up for each site.