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Request for Human Services Case Studies

It is proposed that there will be a meeting of NGO Executive Officers and senior representatives from different Human Service departments in February 2018 to start work on a Waterloo Human Services Plan. In the lead up to this Michael Shreenan wrote to NGOs on behalf of Counterpoint, REDWatch, Groundswell and Inner Sydney Voice on 7 December 2017 asking for case study input. Below is the letter sent out. We are looking for feedback by Friday 19th January 2018.

For quite some time agencies like Counterpoint Community Services, Inner Sydney Voice and REDWatch have been advocating for improved human service coordination within the Waterloo Redfern Area. 

Since the Waterloo redevelopment announcement, the opportunity has been there through the Groundswell Coalition to push for a greater focus on human services issues. As you may be aware we have recently received a commitment from FACS - LAHC that they will develop a human services plan to sit alongside the Waterloo Re-development master plan.

We have made it clear that this plan needs to deal with the existing issues and challenges facing people with complex needs currently in public housing. We want to ensure they will have wrap around human services support in place before the much higher densities proposed under the redevelopment eventuates.  We have argued that current systemic issues need to be unpacked and addressed, not just the human services problems associated with the redevelopment process, as important as they are.

In February 2018 it is proposed there be a meeting between NGOs and various government representatives to explore what issues should be addressed by the Human Services Plan. In preparation for this meeting, we are encouraging agencies to think about the systemic problems they face that can be presented at this meeting.

As a partner agency providing human services (Government, Non-Government, electoral offices or community-based group) in the area you have access to the stories and cases that highlight the types of Systemic issues we all know exist.

We are asking you to share with us one or two case examples faced by your frontline staff, that represent all those repeat problems and challenges we know could be alleviated through changes to a system, policy or practice.

We are attempting to work within a social policy framework approach which in summary will help:

  • Identify issues
  • Help us compile locally shared evidence
  • Allow us together to analyse evidence and make recommendations to decision makers
  • Raise awareness of issues
  • Engage in consultation about potential solutions
  • Us to jointly advocate to affect legislation and administration practice

If there is interest, we propose that we have a meeting to discuss the case studies prior to meeting with government agencies and to decide what to put forward. Please indicate your agencies interest in being involved in such a discussion.

We have attached a draft guide that Groundswell is still working on that might help you or your staff in preparing the case stories that we are seeking.  We have also included a form adapted from the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau that you might find useful, however you’re welcome to use whatever format suits your organisation best.

Note, at this stage we asking for the cases to be completely de-identifiable from a client perspective. Those staff submitting the case story can also choose to remain anonymous. The more examples we collect the better influence we can have in achieving and designing a coordinated response to these systemic issues.

Please ensure the case studies are sent through to us by Friday 19th January 2018 so we have time to prepare a meeting to discuss the case studies in late January.

Should you require further information feel free to contact us. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration and time

Yours Sincerely

Mike  On behalf of Counterpoint, REDWatch, Groundswell  and Inner Sydney Voice

Draft Guide Draft Social Policy: How Does it Impact My Client, My Service and My Role?

Draft Form Case Study Template for Human Services Planning