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Waterloo Human Services Action Plan Update - 13 October 2023

This update on the Waterloo Human Services Collaborative's Action Plan appeared in the October 2023 Waterloo newsletter.

Government and local services are implementing a Waterloo Human Services Action Plan to help improve services for tenants. The Action Plan aims for improvements in 6 priority areas:

  1. Safety
  2. Health and well-being
  3. Communications, consultation and community participation
  4. Customer service
  5. Service integration and service access
  6. Responses to system issues

This Action Plan is not about the redevelopment of Waterloo South, which is being managed by a different process facilitated by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation.

How have tenants been involved?

The Waterloo Human Services Action Plan is focused on current service issues identified by tenants.

Listening sessions, mapping of service user journeys by the Department of Customer Service, reports from frontline workers and a tenant survey informed the plan and its implementation. Tenants are also involved in delivering some actions such as the Peer Wellbeing Educators, who were trained by the Sydney Local Health District and are now delivering education on issues of interest to tenants.

Two tenant representatives are involved in the collaborative decision making and we continue to consult with tenants through groups such as the Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board, the Waterloo Wellbeing and Safety Action Group and the Waterloo Housing Standards Committee.

We continue to work with local Aboriginal services to develop relevant actions.

What has the Waterloo Human Services Action Plan done so far?

There’s a new toolkit that includes practical ways to improve customer service. The toolkit focuses on key service areas and encourages us to work together better.

All partners will monitor customer service and celebrate examples of good service.

LAHC is creating a new contract which aims to improve the customer experience of maintenance.

The City of Sydney, DCJ Housing, the Sydney Local Health District and South Sydney Police and local services are working on ways to address antisocial behaviour.

Members of the Frontline Coordination Group identified the following improvements so far:

  1. Taking action on residents needs
  2. Safety planning based on local issues
  3. More community consultations
  4. Better coordinated local activities with a calendar of local events for residents.

DCJ Housing and the Sydney Local Health District each have separate plans to improve how they work with tenants and service users.

For a copy of the Waterloo Human Services Action Plan please contact wtrlhms@dcj.nsw.gov.au

Source: LAHC Waterloo Newsletter October 2023.