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Overhall of Human Services in Redfern-Waterloo - 13.10.2005

The Redfern-Waterloo Minister Frank Sartor today released a media release announcing the Phase one of the Human services plan for redfern Waterloo. The Plan will be out for community consultation for a month. Details of consultation opportunities will be on the RWA website.

Frank Sartor     

Minister for Planning
Minister for Science and Medical Research
Minister Assisting the Minister for Health (Cancer)
Minister for Redfern-Waterloo

13 October 2005



One-stop shops for youth services, an additional 100 childcare places and the establishment of a Redfern-Waterloo Trust are among the key changes recommended by the first stage of the State Government’s Redfern Waterloo Plan.

Minister for Redfern Waterloo, Frank Sartor today released the first stage of the draft plan designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human services in the two inner-Sydney suburbs.

“This is the first time there has been such a major overhaul of services in Redfern and Waterloo”, Mr Sartor said.

“By consolidating service providers there will be a greater focus on delivery and outcomes, and less time spent jumping through bureaucratic hoops.”

Phase One of the Plan will address provision of services for children and families, young people Aboriginal residents.

Key strategies include:

  • Establishment of a Redfern Waterloo Trust which would broker partnerships with the private sector to help support local youth and pave their path to employment;
  • An additional 100 childcare places for local children;
  • ‘One-stop-shops’ for youth services within three area-based precincts;
  • A Tutorial Centre to provide literacy programs for disadvantaged children using programs such Reading Recovery and Early Literacy;
  • Transition school programs to assist young people in their journey from childcare to primary and secondary school and onto further education or work-ready programs;
  • Increased assistance for local students in years 9-11, including work plans, community work experience, training for job interviews and help in qualifying for drivers;
  • Implementation of the Blackout Violence program – an anti-violence program based in schools targeting young men and boys; and
  • Improved access to crisis accommodation for families affected by family violence.

Mr Sartor said the Plan, which goes on display today for one month, will form a framework for integrating and improving health, education, employment and other essential services.

“Streamlining human services in Redfern-Waterloo will help local service providers to better meet the needs of the community and improve residents’ sense of safety and overall well-being.

“There is no magic solution for Redfern-Waterloo. This Plan is a work in progress which reflects our long-term commitment to the area. It will be phased in over the next decade, putting in place the building blocks for a stronger community,” Mr Sartor said.

Phase One Strategies

The Redfern Waterloo Trust

  • The Redfern Waterloo Authority will develop a Redfern-Waterloo Corporate Citizenship Prospectus that will outline the programs and activities provided in the area that would benefit from private sector support.
  • The Trust will encourage private sector involvement in the area.
  • The RWA will apply for charitable organisation status managed through the Trust.  Under this proposal, all funds donated would be tax deductible and directed solely towards community projects. 
  • The allocation of funds would be determined by the individual contributor based on activities listed in the prospectus. 
  • Dispersal of funds would be approved by trustees.
  • The Trust would broker partnerships with the private sector which provide opportunities for:
        • supporting youth cultural programs;
        • sponsorship of sporting activities and provision of sporting equipment to local students;
        • supporting literacy campaigns for preschool children and their parents;
        • improving access to information technology for public housing tenants; and
        • supporting capital seeding programs providing nil or low interest loans for community-based entrepreneurial activities.

Youth Services

  • Establish ‘one-stop-shops’ for youth services based on three areas or precincts to be located in:
        • Redfern East- at the PCYC
        • Waterloo - at Waterloo Oval
        • Redfern West - at the Redfern Community Centre
  • The three precincts will:
        • provide youth and business mentoring programs
        • provide recreation and sports programs including a range of indoor and outdoor activities on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays and in school holidays;
        • provide an access point for therapeutic and health services for young people;
        • coordinate local after-school care and vacation care programs;
  • The Alexandria Park Community School will also be used as a service.

Children’s services

  • Provide 100 additional affordable childcare places for children living in Redfern–Waterloo through an Early Childhood Learning Scholarship Scheme funded through the Redfern-Waterloo Authority Trust.

Numeracy and literacy programs

  • Develop transition to school program guidelines for all childcare services to improve school readiness.
  • Conduct workshops with young parents through the Schools as Community Centres program to develop their literacy teaching skills and their capacity to give in-home education to pre-schoolers using every day household items.
  • Establish a Tutorial Centre to improve literacy among disadvantaged children using specialised literacy programs such Reading Recovery and Early Literacy that assist students who are behind in reading skills;

Youth employment and training programs

  • Provide all years 9, 10 and 11 attending local schools with school to work plans, personalised work, community based work experience and access to obtaining drivers’ licences and clothing for attending job interviews;
  • Establishing an Indigenous Enterprise Centre at the Redfern Waterloo Authority;
  • Opening an RWA Training Centre at North Eveleigh focusing on the construction, hospitality and transport industries;
  • Streamlining recruitment training and employment pathways for employers based on the co-ordination of services in the following areas; recruitment, training, apprenticeships, group employment, mentoring.

Reducing Incidence of Family Violence

  • Implement the Blackout Violence program, anti-violence programs based in schools targeting young men and boys and improve access to crisis accommodation for families affected by domestic and family violence.
  • Provide four Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers (ACLO) at Redfern Police Station
  • The provision of supervised after-hours 'safe spaces' for young people to provide short term emergency care to children late at night and during weekends – including, for example,
        • appropriate relatives’ homes,
        • schools,
        • Service centres or other appropriate safe spaces.
  • Establish a Taskforce to investigate options for developing a Family Violence Service in Redfern-Waterloo.

Support programs for people with mental health problems

  • Provide housing and support packages for clients with mental health problems whose tenancies are at risk. 
  • Provide improved workforce training and employment opportunities for people with mental health problems.

Community Activities

  • Revival of the Redfern Street Festival;
  • Local community events such as market days, community bbqs and yarn days;
  • Developing a web portal for non-government organisations;
  • Developing a oral cultural heritage and history with long term residents.