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HNSW Preliminary Master Plan / HAF Community Engagement Plan

Housing NSW released version 7 of their Engagement Plan (updated 5 October 2011) in response to REDWatch's request to publicly release the final Engagement Strategy. REDWatch was consulted on Drafts v4 on 10 May and made "Comments on Proposed HAF Master Plan Community Engagement" which you can read at www.redwatch.org.au/issues/public-housing/redevelopment/consult. REDWatch was also supplied v5 on 22 June which did not pick up on many of the issues REDWatch had raised. REDWatch was asked not to release the earlier versions and this version is the first public version. Housing NSW have advised that they reported to the Federal Govt's Housing Affordability Fund, who are funding the Preliminary Master Plan, on their Community Building and engagement framework in May 2011. This file is 74KB PDF.

HAF Community Engagement Plan V7.pdf — PDF document, 74 kB (75850 bytes)