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Links to Waterloo Redevelopment History

Here you will find some of the history behind the announcement to redevelop the Waterloo Public Housing Estate.


Draft Built Environment Plan Phase 2 (BEP2) on Public Housing Estates

This section of the website deals with the BEP2 Exhibition and REDWatch’s analysis of the plan. It also covers submissions from individuals and organisations and news reports. The Community has never seen the document prepared from this consultation nor that which was prepared by the government Architect about the subsequent proposals.

SMDA BEP2 & Urban Renewal Studies

The Sydney Metropolitian Development Authority undertook a range of studies and analysis to support the appropriate future controls for the draft BEP 2 sites. This formed part of a urban renewal study for the Redfern-Waterloo Precinct with priority for the draft BEP 2 sites. When complete, these studies and draft planning controls were to have been exhibited. None of the studies detailed here or the community input have been released to date.

HNSW Preliminary Master Plan

Undertaken with Federal funding and running in parallel with BEP2 Housing NSW put together a Draft Master Plan arguing it could not be finalised until the planning controls were decided. Despite extensive community engagement and promises that everything would be released these plans also have not been made public.  

Public Housing

During the extensive discussion around BEP2 and the HNSW Master Plan there was considerable research undertaken by the community into research on “social mix” and other issues related to public housing redevelopment. You will find much of this material in this section of REDWatch website.