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Building a platform of opportunity for Redfern/waterloo redevelopment

On 2nd March 2017 REDWatch held a session on Health Impacts and redevelopment – what do we need to know? The input to this session was provided by Elizabeth Harris, an Associate Professor in the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity at the University of NSW and Director of the Health Equity Research and Development Unit, Sydney Local Health District. Below is an outline of her presentation.

The presentation started with the following graphic showing the influence of different factors on health based on Canada.

Where is Health Created in Canada

Elizabeth then went on to unpack some of the social factors that could be tackled in master planning that might impact long term on health for those living in the development.


Making sure there

    are adequate primary  

    and high schools

Scholarships to university,

    including residential fees

    access affordable sporting,

    cultural and 

    technological resources


Variety  of housing types

Increase number 2/4 bedrooms

High quality

Ease of access


Mixed tenure

Child friendly



Local employment

Small business grants

Small loans bank



Young people

People with disability

Older people

Isolated people


Bonding capital high;

    • Keep existing family/social networks/

Bridging capital  limited;

    • Block parties/ progress associations
    • Local events/ door to door
    • Community centres
    • Social media

Linking capital:

    •  meet local politicians/ business/ service clubs/ volunteers.


Residents involved not just consulted

Noise, dust, heavy traffic kept to minimum

Engaged by stable, relocation staff  at each stage

Services maintained over the development   including public transport

Housing suits preferences

The above is the text of the PowerPoint presentation by Elizabeth Harris presented on 2nd March 2017 to the REDWatch forum on Health Impacts and Redevelopment