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Background Information on site visits

Below are some points about the study process that have been provided by LAHC and UrbanGrowth that may help put the site visits into context.

  • There are a lot of components that are brought together to create a master plan.  
  • One important aspect is community involvement.
  • The other is conducting many studies to ensure the social and environmental aspects of future development are taken into consideration.
  • These studies are undertaken by specialist consultants.  They will be on the estate at different times, observing, assessing, sometimes taking photos of the surroundings (not of residents) and installing equipment to test different things, like traffic, pedestrian movement, noise, air quality etc.
  • They also access relevant information from state and local government authorities in addition to site visits.   This means that the data and information they capture from the site visits is only one part of bringing all the information together.
  • If you go to the Communities Plus website you will find a list of the studies that are being undertaken including a list of the technical consultants.
  • Waterloo Connect will continue to keep you updated on site visits by consultants.  We will aim to advise you on Fridays’ of the site visits coming up for the week ahead, however there may be occasions where consultants inform us 24 hours beforehand.

Provided by LAHC 5 June 2017