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Former Local Court House & Police Station

The former court house is to remain at its existing building height and the old police station can be replaced with a maximum 3 to 6 storey building. The FSR for the whole site is 1.3:1 and the site is to be zoned as Business Zone – Local Centre. The combined site is to be a Community Health Centre.
RWA Draft Built Environment Plan - Former local Court House and Redfern Police Station
This section contains the Land Use and Design Concepts for this RWA Strategic Site provided in the RWA Redfern Waterloo Built Environment Plan (Stage One) in August 2006 and the Draft of February 2006.
Major Project Exhibition - Redfern Community Health Centre MP 07_0011 - Until 6 March 2008
The Major Project Application for the Redfern Community Health Centre has been placed on Exhibition by the Department of Planning. The details of the Department of Planning listing is given below.
Redfern Health Centre After Hours Needle Dispensing Machine
The Development Approval for the building of the Redfern Health Centre included approval for a Needle Dispensing Machine. In 2011-12 when Sydney and South West Sydney Local Health District started to talk about introducing the machine there was strong concern expressed by local businesses and neighbours about the proposal and the earlier approval. In late 2012 and early 2013 Area Health undertook some public meetings to discuss the issues with those interested below you will find material from Area Health setting out the case for such a facility at the Redfern Street front of the Health Centre.