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South Eveleigh Precinct

Currently railway land to north west of ATP will provide for further ATP expansion with 2:1 FSR and 4 to 12 storey heights. Zoned as Business Park and Special Purpose – Infrastructure. No zoning changes proposed for adjoining private and DoH residential land.
ATP's Operating Blacksmith's Shop Link
Material about the ATP's Blacksmith Shop and the campaign to save it can be found on the REDWatch website from this link.
RWA Draft Built Environment Plan - South Eveleigh
This section contains the Land Use and Design Concepts for this RWA Strategic Site provided in the RWA Redfern Waterloo Built Environment Plan (Stage One) in August 2006 and the Draft of February 2006.
The Large Erecting Shop (LES)
The South Eveleigh site is mainly occupied by the Large Erecting Workshop which has been the home of the 3801 and some other heritage railway equipment.
Getting Shunted
QUENTIN DEMPSTER, PRESENTER: Getting shunted: our investigation into the eviction of a heritage blacksmith operating at Sydney's old Redfern railway yards has had a happy ending. It now appears that the future of the historic workshops has been secured. But the blacksmith's threatened eviction has become a rallying point for those who want to save more of the valuable railway heritage at Redfern. Nick Grimm reports on ABC’s NSW Stateline of 19th September 2008.