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Carlton United Brewery Site

The former CUB Site is outside the RWA operational area however the legislation which established the RWA laid claim to the affordable housing levy from this site. This resulted in a three way interest in the site between the City of Sydney, the RWA and the owner. In June 2006 the Central Sydney Planning Committee, following a letter for Minister of Planning & Minister for Redfern Waterloo, voted 4 (state Appointees) to 3 (council appointees) for the Minister of Planning to take control of the site.
CSPC hands CUB to Minister - 7 June 2006
Here we have collected material connected to the CSPC voting to ask Minister Sartor to take over planning control of the CUB site.
Minister's Panel on CUB Site
On June 21 2006 Mr Sartor "appointed an expert advisory panel to work with residents and the developer to optimise design.” The panel will be chaired by Chris Johnson from the Department of Planning, and includes: Michael Collins, Chair of the Heritage Council NSW; Neil Bird, Deputy Chairman of Landcom; and Lucy Turnbull, former Sydney Lord Mayor. This section deals with the activities of the Minister and the expert advisory panel following the Minister calling in the CUB site from the city of Sydney.
Concept Plan Exhibition
On 26th October 2006 the Minister of Planning placed on Exhibition the Proponents plans for the development of the Carlton United Brewery Site. These documents deal with this phase of the development.
Image Humour - True Fictions - Hot Dog
True Fictions on the Stay in Touch Column of the SMH on June 18th 2007 ran the attached made up story "Hot dog: how the giant frank will transform Sydney's skyline - CUB site to get world's biggest frank". File is 307 Kb Jpg.
Frasers Broadway
In June 2007 Frasers Property purchased the CUB site from Fosters and started planning for their Development of the site. Here you will find material related to Frasers' Redevelopment.
Frasers Broadway Amended Concept Plan
On 8 April 2008, Frasers Property held a briefing for Planning Minister Frank Sartor and the Media to announce that they were applying to the Department of Planning to Amend the 'old Kent Brewery' site on Broadway to provide "World-class architecture, innovative sustainability initiatives and a new inner-city square for Sydney". This section covers that announcement and subsequent material on the Amended Concept Plan.