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North Eveleigh Precinct

The North Eveleigh Precinct under Central to Eveleigh only covers the western part or Newtown end of this site. This site have previously been the subject of RWA BEP1 zoning and an approved Part 3A Concept Plan. Some development has taken place on this part of the site with the construction of a new access road and an affordable hosing project. City of Sydney have also considered new parks proposed by UrbanGrowth for this site in keeping with the Approved Concept Plan. This site is flagged for early development in the final Urban Transformation Study.
BEP1 North Eveleigh Precinct
The BEP1 North Eveleigh Precinct covered both the Eastern (Redfern) end of the North Eveleigh site and the Western (Newtown) end of the site. The BEP1 planning controls, Concept Plan and works on the Newtown end of North Eveleigh are on the BEP1 North Eveleigh part of this site. Here you will find the details for earlier planning and development on the entire North Eveleigh site.