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The Large Erecting Shop (LES)

The South Eveleigh site is mainly occupied by the Large Erecting Workshop which has been the home of the 3801 and some other heritage railway equipment.
South Eveleigh Train Workshop Redevelopment (Large Erecting Shop)
In June 2022 Mirvac did a pre-lodgement consultation for a rezoning of the Large Erecting Shop which has been renamed the "South Eveleigh Train Workshop". This section deals with the redevelopment of this heritage site. The rezoning is being down by Transport for NSW on behalf of Mirvac. The site has been used as an operational and restoration base for heritage locomotives and trains since it became the operational base for 3801 Ltd. Mirvac secured first rights on the site should it become surplus to Transport for NSW needs. This transfer is being planned as the site still contains important state heritage assets.
The 3801 Ltd occupancy of the LES.
3801 Ltd operated the 3801 steam locomotive out of the Large Erecting Shop until its lease ran out in late 2006. In early 2007 some other heritage rolling stock was removed from the Large Erecting Workshop by the Office of rail Heritage and transferred to the RTM at Thirlmere. 3801 Ltd continued to operate heritage tours out of the "Large" until 2017 when they were locked out of the LES. When Mirvac purchased the ATP site it obtained the first rights to the LES should it become surplus to rail requirements. Here we have collected some material from 3801 Ltd. including their submission to the RWA on the Draft Built Environment Plan. The 3801 Ltd submission includes as an appendix an Assessment of the Adequacy of the Structure and Electrical Services of the Large. It also documents the struggle by 3801 Ltd over the 3801 Locomotive and the struggle to remain operating heritage tours from the LES.