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Monitoring Construction

It is important for residents to now monitor compliance with the Rules of Construction and report any breaches to TIDC’s 24 hour Construction Response line 1800 775 465.


  • A community liaison group must be prepared who have details of the works, the community communication plan, complaints management plan and are provided all reasonable requests for information
  • Prior to any work commencing, the community must be notified and given full details.
  • Construction hours are Mon to Fri, 7am to 6pm and Sat 8am to 1pm except for emergency or safety requirement
  • Operational noise should be within work hours and comply with the NSW Noise Policy
  • All heavy vehicles should enter via the temporary road. A secondary access route via City Road, Golden Grove, Wilson, Burren St can be used in exceptional circumstances (largely in initial construction).
  • Complaints should be responded to within 2 hours with a written response within 7 days. Details are to be recorded in a complaints register.
  • Building condition surveys must be completed before jack hammering etc to all buildings within 50 metres from the edge. Damage is to be remediated.
  • Construction compliance reports must be provided to the director of planning after the first 6 months of planning detailing compliance.
  • The project must be carried out consistent with the Environmental Assessment



A Community Liaison Group has been established to represent residents concerns in the future.  TIDC has not released names of Goup Members but known community representatives are listed below – thank you for volunteering!  First meeting is 30 May 2006.

You can contact the lisison Group via Email at no_stabling_yards@yahoo.com.au

  • Belinda Lucia (Railway Parade)
  • Gillian Mauchan (Burren St)
  • Trevor Ahearn (Sydney St)
  • Simon Lillis (Burren St)
  • Tim Hiley (Charles St)

Also thanks to the following who expressed interest at the meeting in joining the CLG – subject to TIDC acceptance.

  • John Collins (Charles St),
  • Peter Robinson (Henderson Rd)
  • Nadia Ballantine-Jones (Pine St)



The Review of Environmental Factors, Submissions Report and Conditions of Approval and other information is available from the TIDC Macdonaldtown Website at http://www.tidc.nsw.gov.au/ViewSite.aspx?PageID=470  



TIDC 24 hour Construction Response line: 1800 775 465

(Report everything through this line to make sure your complaint is logged)

Other useful Numbers

TIDC general project info 1800 684 490

Railcorp Macdonaldtown Precinct Manager Colin Coakley: 9224 4051 or 0438 606 169

Leighton Community Relations Manager Alice Pryke: 8198 5102 or 9414 3222

City of Sydney Council – traffic route compliance/law enforcement unit: 9288 5167 (note regos/time)

Department of Environment and Conservation: 131 555