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Macdonaldtown Stabling Yards Update - 18.02.2006

This is a February 2006 update. Following the TIDC consultation TIDC has appointed a precinct manager responsible for the project.

The Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (TIDC) response to submissions regarding the Macdonaldtown Stabling Yards is due towards the end of the month.  There will also be a website tracking the progress of the work to be done on the yards. RailCorp has appointed Colin Coakley as Precinct Manager for the Macdonaldtown Train Stabling project and he has met with people from the No Stabling Yards Macdonaldtown Group.

If you want to be kept informed on this issue send Colin your email address for regular updates on the project and let him know any of your concerns about the way the project is going. Colin's contact details are as follows: Colin Coakley, Precinct Manager Macdonaldtown, Corporate Services Property Division Railcorp, Level 16, 55 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel: 02 9224 4051  Int: 34051 Fax: 02 9224 3566 Mobile: 0438 606 169 email CCoakley@ric.nsw.gov.au . The community group No Stabling Yards Macdonaldtown can be contacted by emailing no_stabling_yards@yahoo.com.au .

It was interesting to note that the RWA Draft Built Environment Plan also expresses a concern about the possibility of noise at the Stabling Yards effecting residential amenity and in reference to the proposed residential development on the western end of North Eveleigh states that it will: “Ensure that new development is designed and located to minimise acoustic impacts from the railway corridor and rail related activities, in particular the proposed McDonaldtown Stabling facility.“ – Page 38