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Locomotive Workshop Redevelopment

Mirvac have placed on exhibition a proposal to redevelop the Locomotive Workshop at the Australian Technology Park Eveleigh. Here we have gathered some information about this proposal and the community and heritage concerns about the proposal.
Locomotive Workshop redevelopment SSDAs - Exhibition until 15 Dec 2017
Mirvac originally split its proposal for the Locomotive Workshop into two but the Department of Planning has placed both the Mirvac DAs on exhibition together. There are differences between the documents as they deal with different ends of Loco. The Bays 1-5 DA deals with the heritage Bays 1 & 2, the proposed retail and the impact of the proposed supermarket on heritage. Bays 6-16 deal with the commercial end of the development. The issues related to the movable heritage collection and how the development deals with the heritage fabric of the buildings goes across both DAs.
Proforma Submission for Locomotive Workshop DA Objection
The below proforma submission has been put together by ARAG based on material supplied to REDWatch. Please take what you find useful, express it in your own words and then make your submission on the major Projects portal.
Image Locomotive Workshop Proposed Ground Floor Use
This is the proposed ground floor usage in Mirvac's redevelopment of the ATP Locomotive Workshop at Eveleigh.
Image Proposed Loading Bay Access to Locomotive Workshop
This shows the proposed route for Loading Bay Access to the ATP Locomotive Workshop. The location of the loading bay brings trucks into Innovation Plaza and along the main pedestrian access.
REDWatch Submission on Locomotive Workshops SSDAs
Below is a copy of the REDWatch submission to The Department of Planning and Environment regarding Mirvac's proposed redevelopment of the ATP Locomotive Workshop.
Mirvac’s redevelopment of The Locomotive Workshops approved
The Independent Planning Commission (IPC) has handed down its determination on two Mirvac DAs for the Locomotive Workshop at South Eveleigh (ATP).
REDWatch comments on Stage 2 Heritage Interpretation Plan for the Locomotive Workshops SSD 8517 and SSD 8449
THis is the submission made by REDWatch on the Stage 2 Heritage Interpretation Plan for the Locomotive Workshops SSD 8517 and SSD 8449.
File REDWatch Submission on Loco Mod 7 encroachment on Public Space
In Modification 7 for its Locomotive Workshop DA, Mirvac seeks to permanently take over public space which is supposedly protected by a positive covenant and an easement. This is REDWatch's submission on this Modification.
File Council Submission on Innovation Plaza Seating Exhibition until 20 Jan 2023
In its submission on the Brewdog pub seating in Innovation Plaza Council raises a number of concerns including about its impact operating after 10pm at night. This submission has been made public to assist those making submissions to be aware of the Council's technical concerns.
Use of Innovation Plaza as external Brewdog pub seating – Exhibition until 20 January
The approval for permanent use of Innovation Plaza for this use is currently on exhibition as a State Significant Development Modification (Mod 11) for the Locomotive Workshops rather than a DA through Council. The long term use proposal is on exhibition until January Friday 20 January 2023.