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Megacity reaching for the sky in a smaller way - Sunday Telegraph Text

This is the text of the print edition of The Sunday Telegraph article of 31 May 2020 page 27 entitled "Megacity reaching for the sky in a smaller way". This article contained some information about LAHC's revised proposal for Waterloo Estate as well as some details of what was proposed on the Southern portion of the estate.

Sunday Telegraph p27 31 May 2020

Megacity reaching for the sky in a smaller way


Waterloo South Park

IT is the suburban megacity that was originally dubbed a "planning disaster" by Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

A year later, the updated plans for the Waterloo Estate near Redfern have been dramatically dialled down in an effort to win wider community support and get the project moving.

In the latest large-scale project aimed at breaking up Sydney's public housing ghettos, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation's updated planning proposal for the site has seen eight storeys chopped off the tallest towers, wider streets and a 4000sq m increase in open space.

And in the face of criticism that too many public housing tenants are being pushed out of the city, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that the state government has added more taxpayer-funded units to the project.

Waterloo Garden & Cook buildings

Water, Property and Housing Minister Melinda Pavey (pictured right) said the new proposal includes the development of about 3000 new properties in the first stage, with 30 per cent of the homes social housing.

"LAHC undertook extensive community and stakeholder consultation and the proposal will include an additional JOO new social housing dwellings in the area," Ms Pavey said.

"By deconcentrating disadvantage, we can breathe new life into local economies to re-energise social housing to create vibrant communities, not just buildings this is emblematic of the way we are now delivering social housing."

Buildings have been cut from 40 to 32 storeys - still a long way from the City of Sydney's desire for 13 storeys maximum.

There has also been a reduction in the total dwellings in the project, down from about 7000 to 6200.

The government is now proposing 2.57ha of open space in the area, which includes a signature park adjacent to the new metro station.

Population growth in the area was more than triple the Greater Sydney average in the year to 2019.

That population boom is set to continue with the incoming metro station bringing increased density to the 17ha site and surrounding areas.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the council is still assessing the proposal.

"As we begin to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, this redevelopment offers the opportunity for more social and affordable housing in the inner city, while also boosting jobs in the construction sector," she said.

"The City is committed to working with LAHC to ensure development of the site respects the character of the area and is supported by quality public spaces for the benefit of the community."

The Waterloo South Project is expected to create about 6600 jobs over its life.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph May 31 2020 page 27 via optical character recognition

Online Version

The online version of this story was titled Waterloo Estate dwellings slashed, social housing increased

This online article is for subscribers only. The online version is extensively the same as in the print issue but it does have some additional information at the end of the article.

The online version says that the government estimates the project will start in 2022-3 depending on planning approval. It also states that in the 1990’s Waterloo had the highest concentration of public housing as any suburb and that the Government is aiming to break up large concentrations of public housing. It also states the development is part of the $22 billion Communities Plus program. Controversially it also states: “Public housing blocks in the area still have security guards on site, dubbed “concierges”"!


Waterloo South NSW Government Video

A Video from the NSW Government about the proposed “Waterloo Urban Village” can accessed outside the paywall at The structure of the Telegraph site however means it is not possible to pause the video and inspect the detail.

Please note that the Government decided to “drop” this story exclusively to The Telegraph so currently this is the only place this important information can be found.