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Council Submission on Waterloo South

This is a copy of the submitted version of the City of Sydney Council Waterloo South submission. A simple summary can be found in the Council presentation to REDWatch on April 7. This is an important read for anyone making a submission as Council identified that the density (number of dwellings) being disclosed by the DPE Planning Proposal Authority was in fact the minimum likely to be delivered and that the 10% allowed for the design excellence increase is to be additional rather than capped within the stated floor space. The likely outcome is expected to be between 3300 and 3400 depending on unit size not the 3012 referred to in the exhibition material. The increase in the size of the development only became public at the beginning of April as a result of the Council analysis. The PPA continue to use the lower minimum dwelling numbers in their presentations. Council in their draft submission have said this increase in density has not been properly disclosed or tested and Council have questioned if the increase will fit within the planning envelopes exhibited. There is no assessment for example of the impact of the PPE proposal on streets, parks and courtyards. People making submission are encouraged to also read the Council submission rather than take the exhibited material at face value.