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Need for a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for waterloo South

This submission has been made by Alison Ziller to DPE regarding the Waterloo South Planning Proposal. Alison is a specialist in SIAs and teaches a specialist social impact assessment course as part of Macquarie’s planning degrees. Alison has made her submission available early to help those making submissions understand the importance and role of a SIA. In her submission Alison Ziller points out that Council check list required an ‘outline of likely impacts’ on relevant communities and ‘a plan to reduce negative impacts’ but that Council then accepted the Social Sustainability Report LAHC had already prepared even though it did not include this analysis. As a result issues which would normally central to a SIA were not undertaken and the potential negatiuve impacts were not assessed or proposals for mitigation advanced. Alison Ziller's submission requests the Planning Proposal Authority to undertake a SIA before determining the planning proposal.