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LAHC Submission to DPE PPA on Waterloo South

This is the Land and Housing Corporation submission on Waterloo South which has been extracted from pages 490 to 511 of the large consolidated submission file. It has to be remembered that while the land that is being rezoned was mainly LAHC owed land, the proposal exhibited was based on an increased City of Sydney Council proposal. In its submission LAHC argues for nine changes to the planning proposal and its controls. The changes requested include removing the mandate for a certain proportion of social housing; adopting a larger floor plate for the towers; validating that the controls can deliver 255,000 sqm Gross Floor Area and that this floorspace and the 10% increase can be accommodated within the planning controls; Adopting a simpler process for design excellence with competitions for the towers and a design excellence strategy for the rest of the buildings; create a site specific DA in the place of the design guide based on consultants SJB report; and remove the requirement for a Concept DA by adopting a site specific DA.

LAHC Waterloo South Submission.pdf — PDF document, 2631 kB (2694782 bytes)