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National Trust Moves to Save ATP's functioning Blacksmith's Shop

In this letter from the Trust in support of the re-nomination of the Large Erecting Shop for a National Listing. The National Trust advises the Federal Department that it will be nominating The blacksmith Shop for a National Listing and that thaey are seeking urgent action by the Minister to protect the site and retain the operation of the Blacksmith.

The Letter from the National Trust in part says:

“The Trust has also just heard that the Redfern Waterloo Authority is now evicting the blacksmith from the Eveleigh Workshops who has operated and maintained the historic machinery in the Blacksmiths' Shop for the past seventeen years. The Trust had not nominated the Blacksmiths Shop in Bays 1 and 2 of the Australian Technology Park complex because we believed that they were safe from redevelopment. The ATP's own promotional material states that the Blacksmith's Workshop in Bay 2 houses the largest collection of steam-powered machinery in the southern hemisphere, with some equipment still in working order.”

“We will now be nominating the Blacksmiths Shop (Bays 1 & 2) in the ATP complex for National Listing and we will be seeking urgent action by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts to protect this place and to retain the operation of the blacksmith. The Trust will also be contacting the NSW Heritage Branch on this issue.”

The full letter can be downloaded from the REDWatch website National Trust Letter Supporting Eveleigh (46 Kb PDF)