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Wrought Artworks Request for Support for Sunday 17th August 2008

This email was circulated by Wrought Artworks requesting support for their Open Day on Sunday August 17th 2008 and for support of the campaign to keep the Blacksmiths operating at the Australian Technology Park.


                                Please circulate this information and lend some support by sending off some lobbying emails. Print out copies of the flyer Poster for ATP's Blacksmithshop Open Day - 17th August 2008 for the open day and distribute in your neighborhood. Come to the emergency open day on Sunday 17 August 10-3 and have a tour of the largest and most integral collection of steam powered blacksmithing equipment remaining in the world. Speakers at noon will include representatives from Wrought Artworks, Government, Council, Trade Unions, an ex worker and an apprentice blacksmith.

This remaining link with the history of this nationally significant heritage site is now under threat with Wrought Artworks - the self-funding operators of 17 years being served with a given notice to quit the site by the 30th September from the Redfern-Waterloo-Authority and the Australian Technology Park.

The current Planning Minister, Frank Sartor & the CEO of RWA, Robert Domm are blatantly ignoring the original Development Consent Conditions (under the Environmental Planning Application Act) for the Development of the site. In which it is stipulated that because of the exceptional significance of the machinery collection the Blacksmithing Workshop operated by Guido Gouverneur was to remain a long-term feature of the site.

Not only is this one of the few original in tact locations left of the Eveleigh Rail yards (along with the Erecting Shop) with working equipment, it is providing services for the restoration of Sydney’s heritage metalwork. With training to industry in a country of severe skill shortages – their are currently four young people at varying levels of their apprenticeships. The nexus between built fabric, function and heritage training must not be allowed to be severed.

The former workers of Eveleigh and the many groups connected with protecting its heritage are helping with the campaign to stop the State Government destroying this unique heritage treasure. We ask you to spare some time and go to the links below for more information and send off some emails to people listed in the ‘People to Lobby’ section. If you know anyone  that will be pro-actively sympathetic please email them. Especially Hon. Peter Garrett – Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts: Email: Remember: it is the right of the people and fundamental to democracy to know what their Government and those acting on their behalf are doing.

 Watch the 10-minute documentary link demonstrating the Wrought Artworks blacksmiths at work in a remnant of Australia’s greatest industrial cathedral of all time:

 Keept the Tradition Open Day 17 Aug