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Kristina Keneally letter to Wrought Artworks – 27 August 2008

This letter was sent by Kristina Keneally as the local member for Heffron to Wrought Artworks following representations from Wrought Artworks to their local member. Letter like this were probably sent to others who contacted the local member. Wrought Artworks has replied to the letter seeking to clarify some misconceptions contained in the letter.

Dear Ms McCaffley

Thank you for your correspondence regarding the preservation of the blacksmithing bays at Australia Technology Park (ATP).

I understand that there is no intention of changing the heritage related use of this space.

I appreciate that Wrought Artworks has a long history in the blacksmithing workshop. The business has been provided the opportunity to operate without paying any leasing fees and has done much to preserve and maintain the blacksmithing history in the area. I am advised that your business is for-profit and that the ATP has attempted to work with you on several occasions to come to a commercial agreement for your ongoing tenancy. It is not a tenable position for a profitable business to continue receiving a public space on a rent free basis.

I assure you that the heritage of the blacksmithing bays will be preserved. For matters regarding your ongoing tenancy in the blacksmithing workshops I encourage you to contact the ATP directly. Should the matter not be resolved to your satisfaction and you are required to vacate, the ATP will keep the heritage equipment in place and establish an alternative blacksmithing operation sympathetic to the history of the site

I also understand that the City of Sydney's policy states that private businesses should not be housed on a public property rent free.

Yours sincerely

Kristina Keneally MP

The reply from Wrought Artworks can be seen at: Wrought Artworks Reply to Kristina Keneally's letter of 27 August 2008.