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Major Project Application - Sydney Broadcast Property (Chanel 7) MP 06_0149

A Major Project Application has been approved by the Department of Planning from Sydney Broadcast Property Pty Ltd. for the building of a Production studio and office complex at the Australian Technology Park.
From: Department of Planning Notices of Determination

Title: Television Production Studio and Office Complex at the Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh (MP 06_0149) and Early Works Project Application (MP 06_0294)

Approved: 25 January 2007

Applicant: Architectus Sydney Pty Ltd


1. Development consent is granted to carrying out the development described below (MP 06_0149):

  • Twelve (12) storey including office space and plant room.
  • Four (4) large studios and associated warehousing.
  • 41,800m2 of gross floor space
  • Two levels of semi-basement car parking (697 spaces), one which is for use by the occupants of the building (347 spaces) and the remaining level is for use by the landowner including visitor/public spaces (350 spaces).
  • A landscaped open plaza at the south-eastern end of the building adjacent to a café, retails shops and entry foyers as well as various storage and utility rooms all at ground floor level.
  • A landscaped park at the western end of Central Avenue, to the south of the building.
  • General office area in levels 1 to 10 of the building.

2. Development consent is granted to carrying out the development described below (MP 06_0294 "Early Works"):

Stage 1:

  • Site establishment (including removal of vegetation).
  • Demolition (several temporary buildings and sheds, retaining wall).
  • Temporary diversion of a stormwater pipe.
  • Shoring works.
  • Bulk excavation works.
  • Decontamination/remediation works.
  • Rock anchoring.
  • Dewatering.

Stage 2:

  • Detailed excavation.
  • Install detention tank.
  • Install box culvert.
  • Piling and pile capping.
  • Basement slab and lift pits.

Location: Part of Lot 500 in DP 1033739 within the Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh

LGA: City of Sydney

Capital cost of development: $12,145,000.00

Documents available: view documents

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