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ATP Subdivision - approved by Council 22 Oct 2013

This is a scan of the subdivision proposed for the ATP. A crown application for the subdivision was made in 2013 in the lead up to the initial Request of Interest (ROI) for the sale of the three approved building sites at the ATP. Council has advised however that the subdivision has not been registered and if it is not registered the sub-division has no effect. The December 2014 ATP Sale EOI references this subdivision but proposes the sale of the entire site including what is shown on the subdivision as proposed carriageways and footways. The HillPDA review of the proposed sale proposes that all public space be held in government hands and possibly dedicated to council rather than sold to the site buyer for them to handle (or not) after the sale.

ATP Subdivision maps.pdf — PDF document, 1584 kB (1622549 bytes)