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Build a Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge

A connection between North Eveleigh and South Eveleigh was mooted by the RWA in 2006 and funds collected towards it but no bridge has eventuated. REDWatch tried to to get one of the two bridges the RWA wanted built into the new Redfern Station Southern Concourse. REDWatch with ARAG and FOE have also been pushing for a bridge connecting Carriageworks to South Eveleigh near the Large Erecting Shop. Even though TAHE are commercialising both sides of the line they have declined to provide a bridge reconnecting the two sides of the former Eveleigh Railway Workshops. THis section is about the Bridge.
REDWatch Redfern Station & North Eveleigh Connectivity
This paper was prepared for a Workshop on 22 April 2021 to explore Redfern Station & North Eveleigh Connectivity. It deals with issues related to bus connectivity at Redfern Station, the operation of the Southern Concourse, movements from Waterloo Metro to Sydney University and the need for North and South Eveleigh to be connected as part of the Redfern North Eveleigh vision.
File REDWatch Presentation Slides on Redfern Station Connectivity 22 April 2021.
This is the presentation used for the REDWatch Workshop on connectivity on 22 April 2021. It is best understood in conjunction with the REDWatch Background paper for the same meeting. We acknowledge the work undertaken by Cracknell & Lonergan Architects and others on graphics for this presentation.
Image Eveleigh Bridge Proposal at Carriageworks in September 2006
This is an artists depiction on the Eveleigh cycle and pedestrian bridge proposal at Carriageworks from the Sept 2006 Redfern Waterloo Authority newsletter.
Build a Bridge Campaign
REDWatch, Friends of Erskineville (FOE) and the Alexandria Resident Action Group (ARAG) have launched a campaign to build a bridge across the railway corridor between Carriageworks and South Eveleigh.
Lack of Bridge between North and South Eveleigh a major concern
One of the problems REDWatch has experienced in dealing with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is that it wants to divide the precinct around Redfern North Eveleigh up and then refuse to talk about connectivity across the entire site. The Paint Shop Master Plan is another classic in that discussion. The reports say it is still feasible to have a connection between North and South Eveleigh.
Image Eveleigh Link Bridge - North Eveleigh Bates Smart Page 324
In the Urban Design Study there is the single page assessment of a pedestrian link bridge between North and South Eveleigh. The last sentence below says: (Detailed consideration is outside the project scope and does not have NSW Government funding). Interestingly in the Large Erecting Shop (LES) rezoning by TAHE / TfNSW / Mirvac where the bridge is suggested to land from the North Eveleigh documents there is no similar mention of the feasibility of the connecting bridge. In fact there is no mention at all of a possible connection.
File Clover Moore letter on Redfern Eveleigh Connectivity
The Lord Mayor has just written on 16 December 2022 to the Transport Minister (copying in the Minister for Infrastructure, Cities and Active Transport, Shadow Minister for Transport and Shadow Minister for Planning and Public Spaces). In the letter Clover Moore asks that the new Southern Concourse at Redfern Station is barrier-free and that the second active transport bridge across the rail line is committed to and delivered.