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Build a Bridge Campaign

REDWatch, Friends of Erskineville (FOE) and the Alexandria Resident Action Group (ARAG) have launched a campaign to build a bridge across the railway corridor between Carriageworks and South Eveleigh.

You can support the campaign and have your say about what a difference a bridge would make at

The Build a Bridge campaign is timed to coincide with Transport for NSW preparing its plan for the redevelopment of the North Eveleigh site – the ideal location for such a bridge. The sale conditions of South Eveleigh already included a provision for a bridge across the railway line from South Eveleigh.

Over 500 people have signed the petition and sent letters to the Transport Minister. The new Vice Chancellor at Sydney University has written to FOE expressing his support for the bridge, Council at its meeting on 18 October received a copy of the petition signed by 500 people and Council resolved unanimously that:

“Upon release of Transport for NSW’s Redfern-North Eveleigh State Significant Precinct Study, the Chief Executive Officer be requested to closely examine its feasibility study for new connections across the railway line and provide feedback, with input from Councillors via the CEO Update; and

The Lord Mayor be requested to write to the Minister for Transport requesting that the NSW Government:

(i) commit to providing a pedestrian and cycling connection as part of the Redfern-North Eveleigh renewal to connect communities in Darlington and Chippendale with those in Erskineville, Redfern, Waterloo and Alexandria across the railway line; and

(ii) collaborate with the City, other key stakeholders in the area and the community throughout that connectivity project.”

You can find out more about this issue in the SSH’s What a difference a bridge would make or Sydney Sentinel’s Local groups campaign for pedestrian, bicycle bridge at Carriageworks.

Some Bridge History from 15 years ago

The August 2006 Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) Redfern Waterloo Built Environment Plan (p23) shows potential pedestrian and cycle connections at both Carriageworks and to the east of the site near Redfern station.

The September 2006 RWA newsletter said:

Eveleigh Bridge Proposal at Carriageworks in September 2006

“The NSW Government’s vision of facilitating a research and innovation zone stretching from the University of Sydney and UTS to the Australian Technology Park will be enhanced by a proposal to build a new pedestrian and cycle bridge to link the ATP and North Eveleigh (near the new contemporary performing arts centre).

The RWA and its subsidiary company ATP have recently committed $6 million to the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2008.

The Built Environment Plan also proposes a second potential pedestrian cycle bridge just to the west of Redfern Station. This proposal is currently being considered by the RWA and RailCorp as part of the joint concept design study for the redevelopment of Redfern Station.”

In April 2007 the RWA submitted a preliminary environmental assessment for a pedestrian and cycle bridge between Carriageworks and South Eveleigh near the Large Erecting Shop to the Department of Planning. You can see that proposal here on the Major projects website for the Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge.

The RWA, under pressure from Rail, dropped the bridge near Carriageworks and lodged a planning application for a bridge just to the west of Redfern station. In the end the RWA did not proceed with either bridge, nor with its North Eveleigh Masterplan of which a pedestrian and cycle bridge was a key feature.

Fifteen years on with planning restarting for North Eveleigh, overcoming the barrier caused by the rail corridor is back on the community agenda. So join us and sign the petition.