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ILC Statement on National Indigenous Development Centre (NIDC) Approval

The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) welcomes the approval by NSW Minister for Planning, Frank Sartor for a National Indigenous Development Centre (NIDC) on the site of the old Redfern Public School.

The ILC will continue its commitment to ensure that the local Indigenous and wider community are kept informed of developments during the construction phase of the NIDC.

Minister Sartor has attached a number of conditions to his approval for the development, including:

• An experienced conservation architect must be engaged in the design, development and construction of existing heritage buildings on site.

• Alterations, demolition and new penetrations to existing heritage-listed buildings are to be kept at a minimum.

• A test excavation must be undertaken on the site by a qualified archaeologist prior to construction with respect to Aboriginal and European heritage.

The project will deliver 20 construction jobs for Indigenous workers as part of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority’s Indigenous Employment Model.