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Exodus Tutorial Centre Redfern

The Exodus Tutorial Centre Redfern is one of the organisations that is planned to be located in the ILC's National Indigenous Development Centre planned for the Former Redfern Public School Site. The Exodus Tutorial centre has set up initially in premises owned by the South Sydney Uniting Church near Alexandria Park School and has started with its first intake of students. Details on the Exodus Tutorial Centre can be found here.
Support the Exodus Tutorial Centre Redfern
This background on how to support the work of the Exodus Tutorial Centre Redfern was handed out at the opening of the Tutorial Centre on Sunday 11th March 2007.
Tyrell's Story - The most important 20 weeks of his life!
This background sheet about one of how the Exodus tutorial program changed the life of one student called Tyrell was handed out at the launch of the Exodus tutorial centre Redfern on 11th March 2007.