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National Indigenous Development Centre FAQs

This sheet was displated on the wall at the ILC's NIDC Open House in june 2008. It addressed some of the common questions raised about the development.

How will the Centre be managed?

• An Independent Centre Management Team and a Management Board comprising user-group / tenant representatives will be established.
• The ILC will develop a long-term strategy for divestment of the property to a capable and viable Aboriginal organisation.

How will the Centre look?

• Existing heritage buildings will be refurbished
• New buildings will be sympathetic to the heritage streetscape.
• Building heights will be less than allowed under the Redfern Waterloo Built Environment Plan.
• New buildings will be set back where possible.

Have security issues been considered?

• The security and safety of students is of paramount importance to the Centre’s success. Students will engage in structured night-time activities to ensure supervision at all times, on average there will be one adult supervisor per seven students.
• The site will feature security fencing, alarm monitoring and CCTV.

How will the local community be involved?

• Programs and services targeted at the local community will include those offered by the YMCA, the Exodus Foundation Tutorial Centre.
• The management and operation of the Centre will provide employment and training opportunities.
• The ILC is keen to engage the community on how the Centre will be made available to the local public.

How will the Centre affect neighbours?

• The Centre has been designed to minimise the noise experienced by neighbours. The noise level will be about the same as when the school was operating.
• Any large surface areas will either feature local art, be planted out, or be treated with graffitiproof paint.
• A new pedestrian link between the turning circle on Renwick Street and Cope Street will be created. The existing pathway through to Phillip Street will be closed.

Will the public have access to the existing school oval?

• The oval will be redeveloped into a training field. The public will have access to the site through a booking/user pays system.

What impact will this project have on local parking and traffic flow?

• George Street is the designated drop-off area for the Centre
• Most users will arrive by coach. On-site parking for coaches is provided.
• The design includes a 19-bay parking space. This will be used by NIDC staff during the day and by local residents during the night.
• The turn-around capacity of Renwick Street will be maintained to ensure that service vehicles have sufficient turning space.

What will happen to the existing trees on the site?

• All trees on the property have been assessed by an arborist for significance and health. Where possible healthy trees are being retained and the landscape plan introduces many new indigenous trees.
• Several of the trees along the northern boundary are being removed to allow for decontamination of the site. Replacement trees with good shade and privacy benefits will be replanted.

What remediation work has to be undertaken?

• The site includes some soil that has low levels of contamination. This soil will be used as fill on the site, and capped under clean topsoil. An independent state government auditor will monitor the remediation process.